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2 Day - Online Class

May 22nd & 23rd, 2020

9:30am EDT  -  12:30pm EDT (Your Time)

This is a 1 day class, spread over two days, with a short break in between. In this class you will learn to have an be more of you. Are you clear on the future you asking for? What energies are you capable of actualizing that are so magnificent and only you know they exist? This class is about being the energy push and pull that you are and using it to allow the world to bask in your glow that allows you to be the inspiration you truly be. What if your future could turn out as something greater than you can imagine? Is now the time?

What you receive:

▪︎ 2 x 3 hour classes

▪︎ Receive an audio and video recording of each call

▪︎ Have the ability to ask questions by sending them in or asking live on the call

▪︎ More of YOU

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