Right Voice For You: Intro Night

When you’ve labeled yourself as shy even walking into a crowded room can be a painful experience like pulling teeth...

But how many of you know that your life is asking for more of you and simply don’t know “how” to get there?

Do you find yourself:
• Avoiding social situations like the plague
• Totally awkward in conversations
• Not conversing with the people you’d like to because you don’t know what you’d say
• Not dating, even when you want to
• Judging yourself for everything that comes out of your mouth
Being yourself with other people is possible! In this intro evening class, a few of the things you might get out of it could be:
• A greater ease with conversing with people
• How to pull energy from people so not as many words are required
• The awareness of “how” to read people
• How to put your barriers down so that being around people is easier
• A knowing of what’s going on for you when you are around people and how to change it so that it works for you
• Freedom in saying what you’d like to say
• Freedom in not saying anything at all!

• Confidence to be yourself in any situation

Welcome to Right Voice For You Intro Evening...

FEBRUARY 13, 2020 @ 7pm EST

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