Advanced Money Workbook Telecall

Welcome to the Advanced Money Workbook with 7 Facilitators of Access Consciousness!

What if money was a vehicle to change the world?
What if you were willing to receive unlimited amounts of money?
What if you could be the energy that creates, generates and produces money?

We invite you to have a different reality than anything that has existed before. What do you know is possible that you have not yet created?

Join Julia, Sotas, Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Daria Hanson, Curry Glassell, Susanna Mittermaier & Laleh Hancock for a 7 week series on the Advanced Money Workbook.

Class Dates:

Oct 3 - 3pm EST

Oct 10 - 5pm EST

Oct 17 - 3pm EST

Nov 1 - 3pm EST

Nov 8 - 3pm EST

Nov 15 - 1pm EST

Nov 22 - 3pm EST

Find your local time here 


This series will be translated into 9 different languages.

These include: Slovenian, Hebrew, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Italian & Hungarian.

 Slovenia - Ana Omanovic

Hebrew - Tagit Dance

French - Alexandras Perol & Jeannick Cirbeau

Turkish - Tugba Oksal

Japanese - Yuko Suzuki Guest

Spanish - Orla Borreye

Italian - Valeria De Luca

Hungarian - Gyula Habalin



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