Receiving With Entities

Working with entities has such a wide scope of possibilities it is impossible to put into words. Shannon O'Hara, the Founder of Talk to the Entities has said that there is a 3:1 ratio of entities to people with bodies on planet earth. If we were to look beyond what we see and create with what is now the unknown, how much contribution could we be receiving?
Entities have so many forms. They are passed family members, they are beings of the earth, the seas, other realms and other worlds.
What if you could open up to an entirely new way of receiving by being one of the few people on the planet willing to totally commit to this different way of creating?
This 3-Part Zoom Telecall will take place September 17-19, 2018 @ 2pm EST (your local time here)
This call will include:
3- 60-90 minute telecalls and their audio and video recordings
3 Verbal Clearing Loops
3 PDFs of the Clearing Statements throughout the call
Prerequisite: Access Bars

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