10 More Days of Energy Exercises

After the free 7 Days of Energy Exercises there was so much energy being created, it was obvious that there was so much more energy that the universe desires to gift!

Join Julia for another 10 days of Energy Exercises this time, on zoom, rather than Facebook live, so you can interact and ask questions. 

The Pre-requisite is to listen to the free 7 days of energy exercises which can be accessed here:

Additional Information

What is an energy pull? 

An energy pull is a way of pulling energy

Similar to a guided meditation, they last from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Your creations are nourished by energy, just the way a small baby is nurtured by food, touch and the caring you have for it. 

Pulling energy is a way to build your business, change your body or create greater relationships. It is a way of feeding different parts of your life the energy that will change them and create greater. 

Energy is our first language and it is the most important language in creating our lives. 

One huge advantage to doing the energy pulls and exercises as a group is that as each one of us chooses to change energy, it makes it far more dynamic for everyone in the group. 


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