Salon Des Femmes

The Salon des Femmes, has really changed my life. You will often hear me say "I wouldn't have been able to create my marriage or my family without this incredible book."

Reading it is a journey of its own. Within its 424 pages are clearing statements, awarenesses and life-changing advice that will give you an awareness of a totally new space that will start you asking the questions to create the communion with men, women, and this whole universe you have always known was possible.

The thing is, you have probably never seen a relationship in this reality that would totally work for you. That is because the relationship that will work for you has not yet been created. Nobody is like you, and you are the only person who can create the kind of sex you would like to have, the kind of relationship you would like to have, the kind of world you would like to have.

For many reading this book in a group exponentializes the journey, because of the contributions of other's in the club, and expands what you are able to create on your journey through the book.

I warmly invite you on this 8 part journey with me into something you have not yet dreamed of.


These calls have been previously recorded. 

‚Äč~Julia Sotas, CF. 


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