Mastering The How To Become Money Workbooks

Mastering the How To Become Money Workbooks is about making a major commitment to creating your financial reality.

During this 12 month class, you will have the choice to become money. "You do not have a receiving problem. You have a being problem." Gary Douglas. It is only that which we are unwilling to be that limits our money flows.

Each time you read these workbooks and answer their questions, you unravel the points of view you have about money, and create the space required to BECOME money.


The cycle of each month will be as follows:

Week 1: Read the Money Workbook

Week 2: Read the Advanced Money Workbook

Week 3: 1 Hour Facilitation Call with Julia on the Topic of Money and Being

Week 4: Break Week

Pre-requisites: To Purchase the How To Become Money Workbook (click here to purchase) and Advanced How To Become Money Workbook (click here to purchase). If they are not in your languages you are welcome to join the call and have them facilitated for you. 

If you require translation please contact [email protected]

Price $200 per month with Global Pricing

What choice have you not yet made, that if you made it would allow your income and living to exponentialize?

Class Dates: (subject to change with advanced notice)

April 3, 10, 24

May 4, 11 , 21, 29

June 5, 12, 26

July 3, 10, 24, 31

Aug 7, 21, 28

Sept 4, 18, 25

Oct 2, 16, 23, 30

Nov 13, 20, 27

Dec 11, 18, 24

Jan 8, 15, 22

All calls will be at 9am PST | 12pm EST Click here for your local time



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