Organizing When You Hate Organization

Do You Consider Yourself Organized?

I have considered myself the messiest person on earth!

After using the tools of Access Consciousness and looking at what I know about this area, my entire life has changed. 

Organization effects so much more than just your physical space. There is a magic in only surrounding yourself with things that are truly apart of the honouring of you. 

We hoard entities in our space, we hoard meat in our freezer. 

Clear the Clutter, Cut the Crap is a show that Gary and Dain did that truly inspired me to more. 

Listening to this Radio Show 3 times is a prerequisite to this tele call. Upon registration the link will be sent to you. 

Wednesday April 10th 

Wednesday April 17th 

Wednesday April 24th 

All Calls at 3:00pm EST/ 9:00pm CET

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