What would it be like if you could create with everything around you?


Instant actualization - have you ever been frustrated that what you are asking for hasn’t showed up? Or isn’t showing up fast enough? Instant actualization is possible...

It’s POOF!

Are you willing to have it? To clear what’s in the way? To receive contribution from the elementals and anything or anyone else that is willing to contribute?

Welcome to a conversation about ease, joy, glory and the generative possibilities that happiness and play can create. Is now the time to choose it? 

Join Julia Sotas and Emily Russell in this 3 Part Series to dive deep into what it would take for total creation.

This series includes:

 -3 Audio Recordings (Video will only be available if you are on live)

-3 Written Clearing PDFS

-3 Audio Clearing Loops of Call Clearings

-Ability to send in questions ahead of time, or to ask questions during the telecall. 

You may call in via international phone numbers, or connect via zoom video conferencing. 

Price $250 with Global Pricing

After you purchase these calls you will receive access to all 3 class recordings. 


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