Spirits Of The Earth

Receiving the Magic of the Elfs, the Sprites and the Beings of Light changes the way your entire life functions. Are you ready to let these beings in?

For centuries our anscestors worshipped the spirits of the Earth. They knew them and respected them. These earth spirits still live among us in the trees, water, sky and land, yet they are disappearing rapidly as the earth loses its natural landscape.

Nature spirits are vital for the health of the earth and bring so much magic to all of our lives if we will perceive, receive and play with them.

Learn to acknowledge the magic earth spirits and invite them into your life and back to power on the Earth.

This call with facilitator Julia Sotas will take place on December 12th at 12pm EST. Click HERE for your local time.

This call includes:

 -Audio Recording (Video will only be available if you are on live)

-Written Clearing PDF of all Clearings and Notes

-Audio Clearing Loop of Call Clearings

-Ability to send in questions ahead of time, or to ask questions during the telecall. 

You may call in via international phone numbers, or connect via zoom video conferencing.

This call is also available in Spanish. Click Here For Spanish.

Spanish will be simultaneously on another conference line by Rebeca Montoya. 



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