Dreamers of the World- Free Call

The world is not full of dreamers, it is full of followers. 

Will you dare to be different and dream, create, and actualize a different reality?


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From Wishful Thinking to Creation & Change

What if you are one of the most creative people on planet earth who just hasn't acknowledged or chosen it yet?

It is much more comfortable being a dreamer than someone who lives their dreams. 

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Exploring The Possibilities with Body, Receiving & Sex

Join Julia Sotas and Emily Russell for a free Zoom conversation on what is actually possible with our bodies and sex. 


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What is Going to Embarrass You Into Having Money?

What if you were so embarrassed to not have money that you actually chose to have money because you didn't want to be embarrassed anymore?

What if you became so embarrassed and so frustrated with not having the money you desire, that it inspired the demand to never allow that again?

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A Different Conversation: Sex & Vulnerability

Are you asking for something greater than the sex and intimacy in this reality?

With total vulnerability, barriers down, and no judgment - there is a whole different universe available.

*Available in Hungarian!

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Are You Willing To Be Irresistible? Right Voice for You

Would you like to engage with the world as everything you are? 

Chris Hughes and Julia Sotas will discuss what it means to be demanded of, what it means to be seen, and what is available to you when you are willing to show up as everything you are? 

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Possibilities- A Radio Show

Explore a world of possibilities with Julia's weekly radio show

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