Clearing the Emotional and Literal POVADS of Parents, Children, Siblings, and Family

January 2023

Clearing the Emotional and Literal POVADs of Parents, Children, Siblings and Family

The emotional and literal POVADs are these extreme non-cognitive complexities that lock us up and create limitation on our reality.

Clearing Emotional and Literal POVADSs are one of the most freeing clearing statement types that are available.

Join me for this 30 minute clearing loop to destroy and uncreate the emotional and literal POVADs of family.

Gary Douglas on Emotional and Literal POVADs:

"Emotional and literal povads are the greatest complexity on the fucking planet. And you should be fucking enjoying getting free of it. It is the key to the complexity of the stupidity of this reality."

Product Includes:

30 Minute Clearing Loop
Written PDF of all Clearings





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