One of the greatest sources of pain!
with Julia Sotas



When I started Access, I would sit with my mom, 2 days before my taxes were due, and she would patiently help me get everything done...

Usually there were tears, nothing was organized. There were papers and receipts all over the table, I was never sure if I had included everything and I desperately hoped the gods of taxes would come down and tell me that this was no longer necessary and I could just give up and stop now and I had nothing to pay.

That never happened, so I realized I had to become adept in this area. So many of the classes Gary and Dain facilitated, and the books they had written, talked about having clear bookkeeping, and that taking care of that area in your life would allow not just your business to grow...

When I'm not doing good bookkeeping, I know I'm giving up on myself and telling the universe I'm not that into money.

In this class we're going to address everything from the charge that the "dreaded" receipts bring up in your world, to what it really takes to make your 10% account ACTUALLY work.

We're going to look at all the shame, guilt, unconsciousness and confusion in this area and create an easy, spacious place in which you can take care of your finances, and your entire life.

What are the greatest possibilities available?


This 3 Part Telecall Includes | $425

Class was recorded February 18th - 27th, 2020

  • 4 Audio recordings
  • 4 PDFs
  • 4 audio clearing loops recorded by Julia
  • A Supply List



This call will require you to procure some supplies, such as an incredible box for your receipts that sparks joy and other objects you will require to organize your finances.

You will receive your supply list upon registration.


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