Being You Changing the World Book Event - NYC

Being You Changing the World is one of the most dynamic books I have ever read. Immediately after I found the tools of Access Consciousness 8 years ago, I ordered a copy of the book.

I was in university in Winnipeg, Canada, and I hated reading because of all the painfully long and boring textbooks

I hadn't read a book for fun in years. My sister was living with me at the time but we each ordered our own copy because we knew we would be grabbing it out of each others hands if we had to share.

When the book came in the mail we ran up to the apartment and got reading.

We devoured it in a couple of days.

Reading it was like being seven years old at a candy buffet.

The energy that Dain shares about how we can live, how we can go beyond this reality, were the things I had been looking for my whole life but was not able to find anywhere else.

Join me in Manhattan or Online for this amazing book event. A copy of the book will be given to you as part of the price of admission.

Cost $75.00
Global Pricing Does not Apply

This class will include:

-A copy of the Being You Book

-An audio recording of the class

-A video recording of the class

-Written Clearing Statements of the class


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