The Daily Ask 2018

When I first began Access, I had a fairy notebook, and every day, I would write down the date and ask for 10 things. I quickly filled the notebook, and put it in a drawer.

2 years later I found the notebook, and everything in that notebook was my life. I cried and cried and felt myself being caressed by the universe. It was at that moment that I knew I would always be taken care of.

I want to invite you on this journey with me, so that I can start another notebook, and you can start your first.

Each day, we will get together on a zoom call, so you can ask questions, and we will write down 10 Daily Asks.

We will also look at barriers you have coming up, destroy and uncreate our relationships and businesses every day and do 10 All of Life Comes to Me with Ease and Joy and Glories. 

It’s going to be a little hub and home you can come to every day to institute the tools of Access Consciousness with me and all the other wild humanoids who are willing to choose more.

In preparation please pick a notebook that you love as it will be the home for all of your Asks. 

To request translation please contact [email protected] 

Series Package:

30 x 15 minute zoom calls on video
All video and audio recordings stored in Your

October 22nd at 8:00amPST/11:00am EST

Click Here for Your Date and Time

*This class will take place every day with the exception of Julia's travel dates. Those dates will be added on to the end of the series for a full 30 days. 

This call does offer Access Consciousness Global Pricing

What can you create that you have not yet asked for?


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