Free Christmas Money Workbook 2018


Have you heard of the "How To Become Money Workbook," written by Gary Douglas from Access Consciousness?

Perhaps you have purchased it and it is sitting on your shelf.

Perhaps you have read it, once, maybe twice, and now you realize it is time to create a reality with more money than you know what to do with.

Well, this Christmas season, it is time to settle in for a winter’s reading of the book to create merry, jolly money possibilities for ALL!

Julia will be reading the Money Workbook with a cup of eggnog and she would like to welcome you to join her!

It would be great to have a copy of the Money Workbook, but if you don't have one, you can listen to receive the same energy as everyone else on the call.

 To purchase your copy of the How To Become Money Workbook click HERE.

Dates:  December 24th & 26th

Time:   12:00pm PST (Click Here for Your Date and Time)

This series includes:

  • 2 Audio Recordings
  • 2 Video Recordings
  • 2 Written Clearing PDFS
  • Ability to send in questions ahead of time or please feel free to ask Julia questions during the telecall.


You may call in via international phone numbers, or connect via zoom video conferencing, which will be sent to you once you register for the call.

Perhaps you can ask this before the call to get your possibility juices flowing:

What ease and joy can I choose with money that I have never considered before?


How does it get any better than this??!!



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