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Welcome, I'm Julia Sotas and this is "Being All Women."

These will be round table conversations about being you in every relationship you have in life.

At 23, I became a step mom to three amazing kids, after the passing of their mother, 4 years previous to that. Moving to a new country, getting married young, and becoming an instant mother of 3 was not always easy. There were many nights of tears, phoning Gary Douglas and asking how to handle everything that was going on.

Through the tools of Access and the amazing guidance of Gary, I was able to take a situation that would have been impossible for most, and make it the greatest gift I have ever received in my life.

My step kids are now 12, 17 & 20 and they are my best friends. They are strong, their beings are intact, they have the best senses of humor of anyone I know. And they are kind and generous with me and everyone around them.

My husband and I have transformed our relationship (which used to be basically two scared animals- terrified of relationship- us!) into a beautiful, kind, nurturing space where every night we are happy we get to have another sleepover with each other. Because that what a marriage basically is- one long sleepover party!

We have also built our businesses, a huge home, and a garden, are in the process of each writing a book, and have amazing and easy relationships with our own parents and our in-laws.

It took a few diligent years putting the tools of Access Consciousness to work, but we got here. There were many times where I set out to destroy everything, but I always guided myself back to the tools. And now where can we go from here and what else is possible?

3 Part Telecall | $325 USD

October 6, 7 & 8 @ 1pm EDT


 ・3 Live Zoom calls with Julia

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Where is your future? What is possible with your relationships? And what are you capable of being with and for others that you haven't yet chosen?

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't a little (or a lot) different. So what are you capable of? What kind of future do you know you can have?

So I welcome you to "Being All Women" a space where we can have amazing conversations about being you in every area of relationship.



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