Going Beyond Cinderella

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2019

What traps have you set for yourself?

We tend to have really strong commitments to our limitations from a young age. For me, I was more dedicated to being Cinderella, to marrying for love, and living happily ever after, than I was to actually creating my life. 

The thing about happily ever after is that in the movies they never show you what life after marriage looks like. The couple never has to create anything again because they have love!

The most frustrating part is that I didn't even know what I was doing. It was a secret agenda that was running my life. Secret agendas are programs that we pick up and use as a guide through life. They are a series of conclusions that we use to match to, or reject every choice that shows up in our lives.

 My life kept building and being created up until the time I married my husband and we moved into our first home. After I had created the money to buy our first home, which was my conclusion happily ever after, I stopped creating at my...

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Among the Trees

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2019

A very happy time for me was when I lived on a golf course situated in an evergreen forest on a lake in Canada. I lived with my friend Matt, and other than us, there was no one around for miles. There is something wonderous and magnanimous about the spirits of evergreen trees.


They have a sense of dignity that is an role model for how we can be in the world. They grow to be so tall and they stay the same in winter and summer, without changing colours. And they are always willing to poke you if you cross them!


I grew up on a farm with evergreen trees that lined the yard, and I still have very callous feet from walking around my yard barefoot around as a kid. They parented me whether I knew it then or not.


The trees say, "We know the future. We know where we are going. We don't doubt, we don't wonder, we don't worry. We support, we commune, we grow as we gift, and there is no sense of wrongness or lack to be found anywhere."


Right now I am living in a...

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My Organization Mission!

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

One morning I was doing my make up and decided I should turn on Netflix. I like to listen to Access Calls or music as I'm getting ready in the morning, but I had just finished watching both Seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maiselon Amazon Prime, and I was looking for something else  inspiring.


About 2 years ago I asked that all tv shows and movies I watched be a massive contribution to my life. And, they are getting greater and greater. Wink Wink.


This particular morning I switched on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.


Within an hour my floor was covered with stuff, I pulled apart drawers, I pulled things out of the garage; I was on a mission.


A month later I had spent around 40 hours, and 35 big garbage bags getting our home clear.


And we weren't hoarders beforehand. My husband Anthony is the tidiest man in the world and neither of us had  accumulated ridiculous amounts of stuff. We had just moved into a newly built house 2 years...

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What are the Spaces of Consciousness?

access consciousness Mar 22, 2019


There are worlds and powers we have available to us that we do our best to ignore in our every day lives. We are capable of realities far beyond this one while still living on planet earth. The doorway to these worlds, for me, has been the tools of Access Consciousness. Sometimes, using the tools seems more difficult than stopping a thousand boulders rolling down a hill. Sometimes using the tools is so easy that you can't believe they actually work. But they do, the tools always work. You just have to use them for the limitations that come up and the world becomes your playground.


What did you dream of as a child when you stirred in bed, falling asleep? What realities and magic danced in your head that were there and deep and real, but in the morning became an illusive dream again? Those were and still are the starting points of your reality. We don't want to know what is available to us, because if we fully claimed it, it would dwarf the morals, relationships and...

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Daily Energy Pull Exercise

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019
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My Late Grandfather Comes for a Visit

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018

On Christmas last year, I was not feeling myself. I was sad and angry so I began to ask some questions. 

I started to ask some questions and realized it was entities I was aware of.

I perceived my paternal grandfather who I was very close with. He died at 88 years old, and had never revealed himself in my world since I'd been using the tools of Talk to the Entities, and I was wondering why he finally decided to show up.

He was the grandfather everyone would want to have. He would sit us on his knee and sing nursery rhymes to us, he filled his instant coffee with tons of cream and sugar and let me sip it when I was as little as 6, while he would proclaim, "This is the best coffee in Manitoba!" (which was my home province).

He and Grandma had two homes, one in Winnipeg and one 3 hours west out on the farm. He would roll his tobacco every day and he would tell us to play a trick on Grandma during the summers on the farm. My sister and I would steal one of Grandma's oven mitts and...

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The Magic of Entity Awareness

entities Dec 18, 2018

What is your favourite TTTE tool?

My favourite tool is working with entities during Entity Office Hours. This is a time of the day or week that you set aside to communicate with, clear, or receive from entities. Recently I have been doing office hours every day, sometimes, twice a day. The more you do Office Hours, the more you contribute to entities, and the better your life gets!  

 What is your greatest TTTE success story?

When I was 13, my Grandfather took his life.

He was a brilliant man, very innovative and driven, a fantastic real estate broker, who became very successful selling farms in Canada. But he had a really broken and abused side as well. His parents were highly mentally and physically abusive to him. As an adult, he was an alcoholic, and was abusive to his family. He didn’t have the tools to deal with the level of awareness he had, so he nursed it away by drinking.

One night, during Talk to the Entities Facilitator Training in Paris, I...

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Are Projections and Expectations Stopping You From Creating Money?

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2018
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What does it mean to receive from Entities?

entities Sep 16, 2018

Entities are all around us. We think their thoughts, we harbour their emotions, we heal them without even realizing it. They are apart of our every day lives and the natural biology of our planet. They are so natural to us in fact, that when we ignore them it can hurt every area of our lives. And the greater your capacity to work with them, the more difficult your life becomes when you ignore them.


On the contrary, when you choose to communicate with the spirit world, receive from them and clear them, your life can become a glimmering possibility, a beacon of lightness, a living dream. They are so closely intertwined with our lives that the sparkling gifts they will pay you with when you begin to receive from them are hard to even imagine. 


The universe desires to support you. Most people were entrained from an early age to dismiss and reject this support. If you choose to embrace it and learn to receive you make things a lot easier on the spirit world.



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True Kindness

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2018

Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness, used to channel different beings early on in his consciousness career. One particular excerpt from these channelings is a true inspiration to a different way of being:

"Gratitude is where you sit when you are in oneness because in gratitude is the place in which you know with certainty that you are one with all and all are one with you.

You are grateful for it, not out of some kind of structure, or form, or desire, or need, but you are in gratitude for it because you are humbled by the reality of knowing everything, knowing the oneness, and feeling the intensity of a heart that is open, vulnerable and totally available to be all that is."

If you read these paragraphs four or five times, they begin to change the molecules in your body and being.

Essentially, gratitude allows us to perceive the oneness that we are. Oneness is the knowing of everything in the universe and the awe we have when we become aware of all that is. The joy you...

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