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EMBODIMENT - Monthly Series



July 5 @ 11am EST

(time in your country)

I have gone through such dynamic changes with my body using the tools of Access Consciousness. I used to feel shut out of my body, like there was no true feeling or sense of it. Like it was somewhere far away from me.

What I have realized since using the tools of Access Consciousness is that having a body on planet earth is one of the great gifts each of us have chosen.

And now is the space where that energy is more available on the planet than ever before.

When I was a little kid, maybe 3 or 4 years old, I used to watch this TV show with this white-bearded man with a big being cooking in this cozy, dark kitchen, that was filled with plants, and some times candles in a city far away. It really took me somewhere. I was moved by how beautiful what he was doing was. It was like his being matched his actions, and the asthetic reality of the kitchen and food was something that I knew as a being. It was etheric.

Food and eating should be this great gift to us, this greater reality of possibilities and pleasure and hedonism. So many are brought up with painful relationships around food, rather than this great gift that food can be. What if you moved through the world so lightly that each thing you touched with the tip of your finger was filled with pleasure, joy & levity?

Later I asked my mom, who was that mystery bearded man who laughed so much and did all the beautiful cooking? And she said the show was called the Urban Peasant, and the man was called James Barber. He lived in Vancouver and died quite a while ago, but his being was a gift to me, and his magical kitchen has stayed with me.

I was watching replays of his show recently, which I hadn't seen since I was tiny, and I realize that it is time to open up a new space with our bodies and the joy of embodiment. Gary Douglas' definition of embodiment is "Receiving all of this reality and getting everything you want." Pretty different heh?

I personally love to cook, and have (before the boys moved out) a family of 5 to cook for, and I am like a cat when it comes to putting my hands in a sink of water. So I'm a messy cook, I'm all over the place and cooking is a fun creation for me. It isn't for everyone, and this isn't going to be a class about loving to cook. I will share my recipes and food journey, but it is about changing your relationship with your body, listening, and looking at the future it would like to have.

So in this on-going monthly series , we are going to talk about a reality of true embodiment, of the pleasures of life, or the freedom your body has when you no longer have a need to have a problem. We can talk sex, pleasure, food, weight loss (which I have some epic tools for) and whatever is required for you to open up to more of you.

Pre-requisite: Access Consciousness Bars, and another Access Consciousness Class with any facilitator that is 1 day or longer.

Look how cool James Barber is!

  $50 USD




・ Audio and video recordings of call

・ PDFs of the Calls with Clearing Statements and Notes

・ Clearing Loops from the clearings for each call

・ Recipes and Ideas for You and Your Body

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