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Lately I've been thinking a lot about the expanding out exercise we use in Access Consciousness. I've been thinking about how powerful an exercise it really is.

Recently, I was in an Energetic Synthesis of Being Session with Dr. Dain Heer, and I was in a very unnerving and reluctant space, my zone quite contracted and collapsed. He came over to me and worked with me energetically to expand my zone, not only to slightly bigger, but out into the whole universe.

I was instantly better, happier, and had all these new ideas and possibilities I hadn't thought of before come into my awareness. Everything became brighter and greater.

I realized that expanding ones zone is more important that I had ever realized.

We each have a zone, and our choices allow this zone to expand or contract.

I would like to invite you on a journey with me of expanding the zone, and looking at the different zones there are to expand. The zone of awareness, the zone of your body, the zone of you animals, and the zone of money.

What are the possibilities when you live with an expanded zone?


Join Julia for a 90 minute call, and expand your capacities and energy of zone. What whispers are you that you have not yet actualized?"

1 CALL  |  $60 USD*

Monday, September 6 @ 12pm EST


・ Audio and video recordings of call

・ PDF file with notes and clearings from call




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