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Welcome to the Trophy Wife Membership!
"What is required of us Trophy Wives?"

A very different club where you can ask anything you would like about how to be a trophy wife, sister, friend, daughter or mother, husband, brother, father or son. 

Being a trophy wife is also about being the seductress who doesn’t have the need to fight to be right. As Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness always says, “A Trophy Wife gives in, and by giving in, gets what she wants.”

No topic is off the table, and this is your life, as what you need to ask to get the clarity you need so that your life works for you.

Each call will be between 45 and 75 minutes long based on the questions people are asking and the overall vibe of the call. 

With this membership you will receive:
- monthly call recordings
- video recordings
- PDFs with all of your clearings from the class
- verbal clearing loop
- listen at night on a low volume to deprogram limiting points of view. It can also be listened to during the day.

We will try to schedule the calls 2 months in advanced at around the same time of day.

It will be a recurring membership billed monthly and you can join or cancel at any time, and it's only $45 USD a Month!

Upcoming Call Dates

This is the date for June's Call:
June 24, 2024 | 1pm EST (your time here)

What is being a Trophy Wife all about?

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