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Morning Business Exercises

January 10-24 @ 11am EST (Please click here to see your time in the World)

Here the time and date to each date:
Jan 11 @ 11 am EST - click here

Jan 12 @ 11 am EST - click here

Jan 13 @ 11 am EST - click here

Jan 14 @11am EST - click here

Jan 16 @11am EST - click here

Jan 17 @11am EST - click here

Jan 18 @11am EST - click here

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Jan 20 @11am EST - click here

Jan 21 @11am EST - click here

Jan 22 @11am EST - click here

Jan 23 @11am EST - click here

Jan 24 @11am EST - click here

Good Morning!

How do you start your day?

I notice a big difference in my day to when I start it off using the business tools of Access consciousness, to when I don't!

I love to ask questions, do energy pulls, ask the universe what I can create, I love to do all kinds of things in the morning that get me off in a generative and creative direction for the day.

Starting the new year I thought it was definitely time to step it up, and I would love to invite you to join me!

We are going to do energetic sessions on our businesses, presence exercises, energy pulls, and all kinds of other things that I love to do to kick things off.

Starting January 10th, and going for 2 weeks, I would love to invite you to join me for Morning Business Exercises!

Wake up, join me on zoom, and let's zoom into the day!!

What is truly possible for you and your business?

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$225 USD

January 10-24 @ 11am EST 
Please click here to see your time in the World



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