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If you can be the source of your own life, everything is possible.

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Do You Consider Yourself Organized?


Being sloppy was always my default setting until I realized that my life could never grow and expand from a sloppy place. Gary Douglas and Dain Heer did a radio show years ago about cutting the clutter from your life in order for it to expand. "When you do clutter, your life decays." I realized that I had to change this and I got to work. I invite you to this 3 part series to clear the clutter, cut the crap, and move forward into a reality of choice rather than havoc.


Clear the Clutter, Cut the Crap is a show that Gary and Dain did, that can give you the energetic framework to open up to more clarity in your home, closet and universe.

Listening to this Radio Show is a prerequisite to this tele call. Upon registration the link will be sent to you.

3 PART SERIES  |  $350 USD*

MARCH 3 - 5, 2021



・Live Zoom class with Julia

・Audio and video recordings of class

・PDF with Clearings and Notes from class

* Country pricing available

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