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Your Body! Clearing Reactive and Presumptive Realities Clearing Loop

Recorded by Julia Sotas Mattis April 2023

This body clearing loop is designed to clear the deep-seated judgements and points of view about your body that you may not even be aware you are functioning from?

What have you presumed about your body? About how it is aging? About conflict with food? Fighting against gaining weight? What if we could change all the needs of reactive realities and presumptive realities we have with our bodies?

It is a 30 minute recording to turn on during the day and in your bedroom
on a low volume at night.
What is possible beyond the conflict and pain with having a body?

Product Includes:
30 Minute Clearing Loop
Written PDF of all Clearings


$30 USD

・ PDFs of the Calls with Clearing Statements 

・ Clearing Loop

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