Organizing Your Finances

Welcome to Organizing Your Finances with Julia Sotas!

In this class we're going to address everything from the charge that the "dreaded" receipts bring up in your world, to what it really takes to make your 10% account ACTUALLY work.

We are going to look at all the shame, guilt, unconsciousness and confusion in this area and create an easy, spacious place in which you can take care of your finances, and your entire life.

What are the greatest possibilities available?


This call will require you to procure some supplies, such as an incredible box for your receipts that sparks joy and other supplies required to organize your finances.

You'll receive your supply list & a few juicy resources upon registration.
This call will include:

  • 4 Audio recordings
  • 4 PDFs
  • 4 audio clearing loops recorded by Julia
  • A Supply List
  • 1 Private session with julia to go over your particular system.

Call Dates:

February 18th, 20th & 27th
2:00pm EST | (Your local Date/Time for Call #1)



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