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Your Body! Clearing Presumptive Realities & Energy Pull

I invite you to join me for a power clearing session and an energy pull to discover and pull in the energies you would like to have with your body!

$75 USD


How To Be A Trophy Wife

"A trophy wife always gives in, and always gets what she wants by giving in." Gary Douglas

$170 USD

Beyond Prince Charming

What if there was a reality you could choose that allowed you to be totally needless of anyone or anything?

$100 USD

Beyond Prince Charming - 2

What if your awareness is far greater than any fantasy you could imagine?

$100 USD

Sleeping Beauty

What if you could wake up from the fantasy? What if you could live beyond the fantasy?

$100 USD

Master Flirt

Does flirting come naturally to you or do you dread the dating game? Does the ease some people have elude you?

$150 USD

The Sex You Know is Possible

With total vulnerability, barriers down, and no judgment - there is a whole different universe available.

$350 USD

Divorceless Relationships

What is the relationship you truly desire that you have not yet created but are now capable of?

$350 USD


30 Days of Energy Pulls

$200 USD

Clearing the Emotional and Literal POVADs of Children, Parents, Siblings, and Family 

$75 USD

Being Congruent with Gold

$50 USD

Freeing Yourself from Hating Money - Clearing Loop

$30 USD

Creating Money While You Sleep

PortugueseSpanish & Chinese

$25 USD

Morning Business Process

Portuguese & Spanish

$15 USD

Happiness & Silliness
Clearing Loop

$10 USD

A Life Changing
Exercise Class

$75 USD


Emotional POVADS with Business

Join Julia on this 3 part series to dive deep into learning about and clearing the emotional povads you have around business, money and the future.

$300 USD

Defending and avoiding list

Anything you are simultaneously defending and avoiding keeps you totally paralyzed and immobile in the area of your life. It makes sense right?

$100 USD

Being Congruent with Gold

Gold is one of the elements of the earth that vibrates in a way that generates and expands reality.

$100 USD

Stock Market for Beginners - 3 Day class

What do you know about creating money on the stock market that you haven't yet discovered?

$300 USD

Stock Market for Beginners - Intro

What do you know about creating money on the stock market that you haven't yet discovered?

$50 USD

Healing Your Bank Account

Healing is a source that you are,
with your very BEING.
It is our points of view that stop
the healing and generation in
certain areas of our life.

$250 USD

Healing Your Bank Account - II

What energy could you be with money every day that would allow it grow?

$300 USD

Organizing Your Finances

We're going to look at all the shame, guilt, unconsciousness and confusion in this area and create an easy place in which you can take care of your finances.

$425 USD

How to Get Out of Debt

We're going to look at all aspects of your money, financial and wealth situation.

$250 USD


Outshine Your Shy

When you’ve labeled yourself as shy even walking into a crowded room can be a painful experience like pulling teeth...

$150 USD

Camera Ready & Totaly Present

How many judgments and projections do you have about how you look on camera that stop you from showing up?

$80 USD

Camera Ready - Extension

Would you be willing to be seen for the gift and contribution you be, by millions of people?

$80 USD

Master Flirt

Does flirting come naturally to you or do you dread the dating game?

$150 USD


Clearing Issues around Entities

These processes will begin to clear all considerations, limitations and blockages that prevent the listener from having a clearer, easier time with entities and their own abilities in the area.

$55 USD

House Clearings

Does having a haunted house mean you are crazy? No! Not at all. It just means you are aware energies that you are totally capable of clearing.

$277 USD

Power Clearing

The name of the Power Clearing Pack speaks for itself!

Are you ready for phenomenal clearings in these areas in your life?

$270 USD

Space Clearing

This audio is designed to be played in your home. Will clear all entities and all energies that are haunting or creating disruption in any house, building, structure, even property or land.

$50 USD

Demon Clearing

Demons are a taboo subject and can bring fear, while it is true that demons can be quite treacherous, it is also TRUE that demons can be cleared.

$50 USD

Unlocking the Abilities with Entities

*Warning* if you listen to this audio you will be more aware of entities! We all have the ability to be aware and especially of entities. This clearing loop will address and unlock all the stops.

$50 USD

Creating & Receiving with Entities

Creating and receiving from entities is a skill, an ability and a willingness that so many people have lost. It is also one of the most nourishing and powerful interactions that we can have with the spirit world. Shannon will assist you to drop your barriers of fear, doubt, judgment and hesitation in regards to entities.

$50 USD

Team Mate Exercise

This is a 20 minute Teammate exercise or guided interaction if you will. It can be used to connect more dynamically with your teammates and establish a palpable energy with them.

$50 USD

Entities of the Earth

Shannon will put you back into connection with the beautiful, magical spirits of the Earth. These spirits are vital to the health and wellbeing of our planet!

$50 USD

Money Come from Entities

Who would love to have assistance from entities to bring you MONEY!?

$50 USD

Talk to Entities Book

Shannon dispels the seriousness and significance so often attached to the subject and makes it accessible with her honest accounts of the different ways spirits can play a part in our lives. Vulnerable, compelling and empowering Talk To The Entities sets a whole a new standard for books of its kind and will continue to inspire a different way of seeing the world now and in the future. Discover and access what else is possible within these pages.

$35 USD

Beings of Light

We are accompanied on this planet by the most splendid mega-beings. Some have called them angels, others guardians, and now Beings of Light. Most have forgotten them, others totally disbelieve and very few receive. The BEINGS OF LIGHT are here to work with us to create greatness on earth. To enjoy the greatness of embodiment and flourish with life and nature. Diving into this book will be an energetic experience like no other.

$25 USD


Body Whispering Book

Welcome to Body Whispering with Dr. Dain Heer!
A New Way of Seeing, Being & Healing

$25 USD

The Home of Infinite Possibilities Book

The magnanimous universe is your true home.
What is the power of committing to your own life?

$35 USD

Divorceless Relationship Book

What if a relationship was possible from a place of nurturing, expansiveness and no judgment?

$25 USD

How to Become Money Workbook

What if you were willing to receive unlimited amounts of money?

$25 USD

Advanced How to Become Money Workbook

One of the key elements to having an enormous, amazing, and creative life is the willingness to receive! You have to do at least one time the How to become money workbook to be abble to do this one.

$25 USD

Golden Club 2010

All The Calls & Clearings from Club Gold 2010 and Two Bonus Gifts!
Change your reality with money, business and finance.

$500 USD

Golden Club 2012

A variety of topics are explored through the year in one hour conversations with Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and the members. Fun, funny, informative and a truly different perspective explored on every topic!

$250 USD

Would you like to join Julia live?

Join the magic of being in the energy of a class with other people that allows you direct access for facilitation from Julia herself.

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