Beyond Prince Charming

What if there was a reality you could choose that allowed you to be totally needless of anyone or anything?

$100 USD

Sleeping Beauty

What if you could wake up from the fantasy? What if you could live beyond the fantasy?

$100 USD

What is Envy?

How are you avoiding envy and how are you creating envy? What if envy was the generative energy required to create a different future?

$100 USD

Healing Your Bank Account

Healing is a source that you are,
with your very BEING.
It is our points of view that stop
the healing and generation in
certain areas of our life.

$250 USD

Healing Your Bank Account - II

What energy could you be with money every day that would allow it grow?

$300 USD

Spirits of the Earth 

Learn to acknowledge the magic earth spirits are and invite them into your life and back to power on the earth!

$150 USD

Camera Ready & Totaly Present

How many judgments and projections do you have about how you look on camera that stop you from showing up?

$80 USD

Camera Ready - Extension

Would you be willing to be seen for the gift and contribution you be, by millions of people?

$80 USD

Outshine Your Shy

When you’ve labeled yourself as shy even walking into a crowded room can be a painful experience like pulling teeth...

$150 USD

The Sex You Know is Possible

With total vulnerability, barriers down, and no judgment - there is a whole different universe available.

$350 USD

Divorceless Relationships

What is the relationship you truly desire that you have not yet created but are now capable of?

$350 USD

Organizing Your Finances

We're going to look at all the shame, guilt, unconsciousness and confusion in this area and create an easy place in which you can take care of your finances.

$425 USD

Master Flirt

Does flirting come naturally to you or do you dread the dating game? Does the ease some people have elude you?

$150 USD

Pull Push Flow

Energy pulls, pushes and flows are ways of engaging with the universe to create anything you want in life.

$350 USD

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