Hello and Welcome,

When you listen to what you know, you change the world. What is the world that you would like to live in? What is the future that you would like to have?

In 2011, I found the Access Bars and realized that they had the power to change my life.

After using the Access Bars on a weekly basis they dynamically changed the anxiety and depression I was suffering from.

The Access Bars are a gentle touch on the head that erases lifetimes of thoughts, feelings and emotions and gives you more Access to your being.

When you use the Access Bars™ and the tools of Access Consciousness™, they create this space for infinite possibilities to open up in your life.

What is the graciousness, the peace, the magnificence that you would like to live as? What are you looking for that you have not yet found.

I welcome you to a world where everything exists and nothing is judged. What can you choose that is greater than what you can imagine?

Xo Julia Sotas

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