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My name is Julia and I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. I started using the tools of Access 7 years ago and since then they have completely changed my life. These tools have given me financial freedom, happiness, and opened the doors to relationships I always knew were possible but didn’t know where to find. They have also given me the amazing opportunity to become a published author, writing a chapter in the new book Relationships Done Easy

I grew up on a farm in rural Canada and I always knew something different and magical was possible. I looked around me and didn't see people creating the things they knew, and I knew, were truly possible. With the tools of Access Consciousness, I am creating not just a life, but an amazing journey where everything and anything is possible

'It is the best of all possible worlds' - Voltaire.

What if your life was the best of all possible worlds, rather than something you are satisfied with? What if you never had to be held down or attached to this reality again? What is it that you truly desire as your life and future?

Welcome to the possibility of a totally different life!

Xo Julia Sotas


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