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Julia is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness

RVFY Summer Camp

July 8 - Aug 19 | Online

The energies of summer fun are aligning and a special 7 Part Right Voice For You (RVFY) immersive is born.

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Master Flirt

July 8  | Online

Master Flirt is the first call in RVFY Summer Camp series. You can attend only this call or all 7 calls.

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Sleeping Beauty

July 10 | Online

If you knew you could be on constant creation, rather than being the sleeping beauty of your reality, what would you create?

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The Foundation

July 12 - 17 | Online

Where the BASIC tools are not basic at all. Lay the energetic foundation for your best life.

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Spirits of the Earth

July 19  | Online

Nature spirits are vital for the health of the earth and bring so much magic to all of our lives if we will perceive, receive and play with them.

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TTTE Beginning

July 20 - 31  | Online

Talk To The Entities is a massive gift to each of us in completely different ways. What treasure can you uncover that can change every area of your life? 

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The Lady Book Club

July 31 - Aug 2  | Online

A lady always sees people for the value that they have. She never has a projection or expectation of anyone.

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Stepping Out as a Facilitator

August 11 & 12  | Online

Are you willing to have the ease of facilitation and all the business parts and pieces that go along with it?

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