5 Things Gary Douglas taught me about Business

career finances life hacks Aug 24, 2020

Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, has been my business mentor since 2011 and has been working with me to create a thriving six figure business since then. Here are some of the best things he has taught me along the way.


1. Being humorous and eccentric brings in greater revenue

If you are looking to create your life and business, rather than living by other people's points of view about you, you are definitely not a normal person. You are different and you have courage.

What if you have always been weird and that is what makes you awesome? It makes everything so much easier and much more fun when we choose for the eccentric things that other people don't have the courage to choose. If you can make people laugh they will be grateful for you.

In business, humor opens the door that allows people to receive from you. What if business is about creating greater world and inviting others to learn to be more as well?

2. Force and Effort are sources of difficulty, not creation.

As a business owner, have you tended to make lists, and then judge yourself positively for what you checked off? And judge yourself negatively for what you didn't check off? Did it feel a little dull and less than creative?

What if there was a creative slipstream that you could flow in instead? Have you ever had so much fun with what you are creating that you forgot to eat lunch? You were just inspired and everything flowed? What if that was our natural space of creation? Would it be possible to have the energy in your life all the time?

But what if that creative energy was your guidepost to being productive?

You could ask: What can I do today that would make me happy right away? When I do this, I usually end up eating ice cream, taking a bath, and then getting more tasks accomplished in my business than I had set out to complete.


3. You know more about your business than anyone else knows.

Gary is known around the world for being very empowering. His basic philosophy is to empower people to know what they know and to show people how they do not need to allow the points of view of others to hinder the creation of THEIR life.

Along the way, he has always asked questions that have allowed me to look at my personal brilliance. I didn’t know I had any type of capability in certain areas until I was asked questions to get me to look at parts of who I am that I didn't know were there.

That's the purpose of a question. Empowerment. We live in a world with a lot of disempowered people and questions are the way to change that. What do you know about business that you have never considered?


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Business is the ability to create possibilities. Choose what brings you JOY, know that you can BE a difference in the world and receive.
- Simone Milasas

Business is the actualization of possibility to create change.
- Gary Douglas

Business is the possibilities beyond what we think we know into what we actually are.
- Brendon Watt

Business is just an extension of your life. It’s not something to be avoided. It’s a way of putting forth your creations into the world successfully, and with ease and joy that allows you to also receive the gift of money. But more than anything else, it’s an awareness of how to embrace the possibilities for your creative energy to have a larger impact. If you’re alive, you’re already in “business.”
- Dain Heer


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