My Late Grandfather Comes for a Visit

On Christmas last year, I was not feeling myself. I was sad and angry so I began to ask some questions. 

I started to ask some questions and realized it was entities I was aware of.

I perceived my paternal grandfather who I was very close with. He died at 88 years old, and had never revealed himself in my world since I'd been using the tools of Talk to the Entities, and I was wondering why he finally decided to show up.

He was the grandfather everyone would want to have. He would sit us on his knee and sing nursery rhymes to us, he filled his instant coffee with tons of cream and sugar and let me sip it when I was as little as 6, while he would proclaim, "This is the best coffee in Manitoba!" (which was my home province).

He and Grandma had two homes, one in Winnipeg and one 3 hours west out on the farm. He would roll his tobacco every day and he would tell us to play a trick on Grandma during the summers on the farm. My sister and I would steal one of Grandma's oven mitts and take it out to the old cement porch. He would blow a big puff of smoke into the oven mitt. We would then sneak, giggling, back into the kitchen and would release the smoke in the kitchen where Grandma would laugh and shoo us out back to Grandpa.

He also thought it was hilariously funny to pull out his false teeth and chase us around with them, acting like an ogre. He even wanted us to hold those slimy teeth, which I thought was disgusting. He would give us bear rides where he would ride us around the living room on his back, trying to buck us off onto the floor. He was great. He was tall, and stubborn, and angry (a side of him I never knew). He had bad hearing that my mom thought was more of a convenient, selective hearing but was supposedly from way too many years listening to the heavy machinery of the farm right up in his ears.

He was hard on my Mom, his daughter-in-law. My Mom was a great cook, but he would insult her cooking to her face; when she decided to start her own business making these incredible deluxe costumes and mascots from scratch he would belittle her and ask why she was wasting her time and resources. He knew my mom was terrified of snakes, but he thought every yard should have snakes to eat the mice, so he collected some snakes and brought them to mate and conquer our yard.

He would use the fact that the farm was legally in his name to control my mom and dad. He would get raging mad if they would spend money on small personal luxuries, and he gaslighted everybody but my sister and I. We just got to live in the fun part of his world. His world was just rich with tobacco and poems he would write and the beaver he once killed and then brought right up to the window of our house to scare us.

It's confusing how the people who are so fun and so mystical are also so mean and so righteous and so unwilling to change?

We build these strong connections with people and then aren't taught how to interact with them when their bodies are gone. And those who leave their bodies usually don't know that they have died or that they have a different choice or future.

My grandpa was an atheist and for him, when you were dead, you were dead. There was nothing else. You were insane if you thought there was anything beyond laying in the earth.

As he came to clearly say hi, and maybe even admit that he was wrong, I realized that he was just one of hundreds of thousands of entities I was aware of who were pushing against their loved ones on Christmas.

Christmas is so significant to people, and it is a time where they want to be perfect and fulfill all their utopian ideals, whether they have a body or not. Death is always a choice and so many of the entities I was aware of yesterday regretted their choice to die, wished they could change the past, and had no idea that something could be more important than making up for the damage they had decided they had done.

As I stood there in the shower clearing these masses of entities I was reminded that we have such a different choice with Talk to the Entities and how empowered we will be to find new futures and new possibilities as soon as we choose to leave this body.

I love you Grandpa, and you can go forward now and have a totally new reality.

What possibilities can we all create with these tools?


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