Finding Consciousness - Middle East Blog #2

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2022

I just returned home from Saudi Arabia, refreshed and anew, everything has changed by 180 degrees as a result of that trip. What choices can be made that would change life by 180 degrees?

The east is so different from the west, and I love both. The west is so modern and convenient, so beautiful and rich with nature and a certain familiar energy that gives of itself to us. I love having been born in the west, a choice I know I made before I came into this body and love all of it's sights, sounds and smells. It is a very particular and beautiful experience that I'm grateful to be having.

The east is a completely different experience. Again, the man of the sights, sounds and smells it has to offer can't be compared or matched with that of the west. I think the thing that is so thrilling to me is that there isn't common ground. I like difference. I like that there isn't common ground. Hospitality is different from the east to the west. Growing up in Canada, hospitality was a big deal. Neighbours would "step in" for a cup of coffee and spend three hours chatting with my parents and I, because I was a precocious and chatty child who wanted to know everything that was going on everywhere.

In the east, it's different. Not better or worse, just different.

When you walk into a home in the east, the smells that surround you are intoxicating. In Saudi Arabia, in particular, when you walk into someone's home there is always a beautiful table with a mirror at the front door, filled with perfume so that their guest can refresh and have a new fragrance. When you eat, the sharpness of the spices are foreign and mystic. The chicken is tender. I've not had chicken as tender as Saudi chicken because it is killed in the Halal style (the same method as Kosher for us westerners) which means that the chicken is not shocked upon death, keeping the meat tender and soft.

I feel like a child of the world, an infinite being.

I know that if I was born in the east, I would be thrilled with the new of the west.

But that's what consciousness is all about. It's about the new. It's about other things that are available in the universe that we haven't discovered yet. And so much of what is new that we haven't discovered are all the great things about us and about the lives we have created that we don't want to see. Because if we saw them we couldn't continue to be normal. We couldn't complain anymore, or have any foundation or basis for an upset.

And I know, sometimes life isn't easy, but it's empowering to know that we have chosen the good, the bad and the ugly, and that we can reverse it, we can change it, we can heal and move on, because that's what life is, moving on, changing, taking the plastic off the furniture and discovering what consciousness actually is. There is a bridge between the east and the west. It's in the middle of Istanbul, and I've had the great pleasure of seeing it. But the east and the west don't have that in common with consciousness. There is no bridge between the world of unconsciousness and consciousness. That's why Dr. Dain Heer is always saying you have to leap. Leaping to consciousness is your only option, and you wouldn't consider leaping if you weren't born with the courage to do it.

So what else is possible? What new world can you discover that is foreign and familiar all at the same time?


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