Going Beyond Cinderella

relationships Dec 30, 2019

What traps have you set for yourself?

We tend to have really strong commitments to our limitations from a young age. For me, I was more dedicated to being Cinderella, to marrying for love, and living happily ever after, than I was to actually creating my life. 

The thing about happily ever after is that in the movies they never show you what life after marriage looks like. The couple never has to create anything again because they have love!

The most frustrating part is that I didn't even know what I was doing. It was a secret agenda that was running my life. Secret agendas are programs that we pick up and use as a guide through life. They are a series of conclusions that we use to match to, or reject every choice that shows up in our lives.

 My life kept building and being created up until the time I married my husband and we moved into our first home. After I had created the money to buy our first home, which was my conclusion happily ever after, I stopped creating at my massive rate and started cooking at a massive rate. It was incredibly weird and slow and I found myself being constantly tired and sad. I had just married a kind caring man, and became a step-mom to three kids, whom I loved dearly, but something was off. It was that I wasn't creating the future I knew was possible!

Luckily I had the good advice of Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, who recommended I watch Cinderella at first 11 times, and then years later, another 20 times, for a total of 31 times. This was to break up this entrainment to my personal secret agenda. 

Watching movies at this intense rate has a magical way of making you sick of the secret agenda. I got so sick of it I gave it up.


Have you set any traps for yourself?

What are they and how can you live beyond them in order to be everything you are?

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