Going Beyond Pain

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2024

Pain. It has a huge presence in our world. Living with pain of one form or another in our bodies is the norm and there is often the expectation that having a body means having pain. Rather than spending our energies fighting pain, we can ask, “Is something else possible beyond the pain?”  

When you have a conclusion, a way of looking at life that you are sure is right, like having a body means having pain, you are stuck in a loop proving yourself right by keeping pain in your body. When you get curious and ask questions, true questions, you give yourself the chance to discover something new and to allow those stuck places of your life (and your body) to open up and flow.  

If I didn't have pain in my body, would that change the way I relate to my body?

Am I willing to live from the pleasure of life rather than the pain of it?

When you look at your body through the lens of consciousness, you may realize that pain is a level of awareness that you’re not willing to have. Your body , your conscious, beautiful body, is whispering to you about the secrets you know that you are pretending not to know and when you ignore the whispers, they can get louder.  

Allowing yourself to listen to what the body is showing you with the pain you are feeling will take patience, presence and a capacity to relentlessly question. I have been there. I had so much stomach pain for so long. It took me years of leaning into question with a  willingness to be  vulnerable and honest with myself. My body had kept secrets, mine and so many others, for too long.

How much awareness are you avoiding? 

How many secrets are you keeping that create the pain that you're suffering

Is now the time to expose those secrets to yourself?

Let me tell you a really big secret: our bodies were actually designed to receive the pleasure of being alive. We've come very far away from that, very far from the possibilities of embodiment. Our bodies are actually hedonistic by nature and the realization of that can change so many things that are going on in our body.

The Original Definition of the Word Hedonist: One Who Seeks the Joy, Pleasure and Sweetness of Life

You can not function from hedonism and gratitude for being alive and be in pain. What would it be like if you embraced hedonism? Is the sweetness of life what you think of when you hear the word body?


Show me the pleasure of life.


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