The Magic of the Middle East

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2022

Right Voice For You is a system and a set of techniques that allow you to be the voice you are in the world. To give you that place where you become the best you are and you can present who you are with ease.

Right Voice for You is about standing up and going "Fuck it" and doing it anyway.  

Two years ago, I had to use this tool.

A few days before Covid hit the whole world in March 2020, I was going to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Before leaving, I knew I could get stuck behind the walls of covid. I knew there was a chance I wouldn't come home for a year. And Saudi was foreign to me. EXTREMELY foreign. But I was so eager to learn about this far off world.

Airports had the impending threat of closing down, and travel was becoming harder. But I do my best not to ignore my awareness and I felt the pull to go. So I used an Access Consciousness Tool. I asked the universe "If I go to Saudi, what will my life and the world be like in 5 years? If I don't go to Saudi, what will my life and the world be like in 5 years?" It was glowingly light to go, so I chose to go.

Ana'a Abulfaraj hosted me, I had called her to see if there was anyone interested in having an Access Class in Saudi, as my husband, Anthony was going in two weeks to facilitate, and a class I was having in Bahrain was recently canceled due to the pandemic. I figured she would be too busy, I had no expectation for her to host me, as she had no idea who I was, but she was so kind and welcoming to me, and said come in three weeks, let's do it! Ana'a always says let's do it!

I will never forget flying into Jeddah. There are no words to describe what it looks like to see a city made of sand. There are no trees, except palm, with their gooey wonderful dates, there are no plants, except the very expensive-to-maintain flowers here and there. 

As the sun rises over the sandy desert air, your soul comes alive with the sublime pink matched only in that specific desert sunrise. 

Small children's parks are sandboxes. Grass is not a reality there. I loved it. Growing up on a farm in Canada, this was a very exotic place to be. 

I would describe the city as sublime. It is on the Red Sea, and that exotic water flowing mysteriously beside never-ending desert makes the desert more delightful as its refuge is right beside. 

The earth and water there has had its share of hardships, but it still takes care of you. 

When I arrived at Ana'a house, her mom gave me what looked like a sugar cookie, baked with a delicious, strange, mysterious and far-off spice. It was so foreign to me. It was delicious and undefinable to my western palate. It instantly flashed me back to past lives in the east with the mysterious sandy columns and cities where I was very much at peace. Can you guess what it was? Cardamom. I ate so many of her cookies on my trip, actually I ate so much food on that trip, it was hard to believe. Everything was new and wonderful, but familiar at the same time.

I took this trip and ended up staying a total of a month. Being welcomed into a great home, by a great family, being welcomed as a facilitator of consciousness, to people who were hungry and grateful for change, changed my life. It gave me the great sense that the world is my home. It facilitated me totally and changed my world view. I was grateful to every person, place and molecule who supported the gift of consciousness in the world and journeys that are yet to come. What is possible for the future when we follow the lightness? 

This is an excerpt from my upcoming short story, yet to be named, about the welcoming arms of the middle east. 


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