Becoming A Different Kind of Stepmom

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2024

I have been teased for many years about being a princess, about desiring a Cinderella story.  It’s true, I don’t desire a life that settles for ordinary.  But my princess story took an unexpected turn years ago.  I became A Stepmom...

I grew up in a wonderful family, and still I knew as I matured that I had to create something new going forward, create my own life. 

I have used the tool of Access consciousness as the elements of magic to create beyond the average.  One of those tools is ask and you shall receive. And it's not always that the things that you ask for are going to show up next week, or next month. And they never show up how you think they will.  Magic is a chaos art.

I have been asking for years.  There are things that I asked for when I was 9 years old that showed up when I was 25.  And one of my asks has been, for years:  

What would it be like to have beings in my life who were really kind and silly,

really happy and really conscious and 

were a total contribution to my everyday life?

And then, one day, I met a man

Anthony was a widower, and the father of 3 beautiful children, 6 years old, 12 years old and 15 years old.

I was quite a young woman at the time. Basically swinging from the chandeliers, but also running my own business. I was definitely not dreaming of being a stepmom.  It was the opposite. I thought I could NEVER be a stepmom, I could never take on that much responsibility. One time I got a cat and I gave it  away after one day because it kept stomping on my keyboard while I was trying to work.  Someone told me,  “Julia, you can't even keep a cat. A stepmom to 3 kids? There’s no way you’ll make it.”

And then I met the kids.  I just loved them.  Nothing else mattered: not the amount of responsibility, not whether I could or I couldn’t.  I was beyond that.  I just knew.  

Gary Douglas, the founder of access talks about being owned by others, and how that's actually a gift to you. Because it's a true commitment. And when you are willing to be owned by something, you'll do whatever it takes to make it work. It’s where you will give everything that you have to it and make it as great as it can be. And I made the decision to be owned three days after I met those kids. 

It hasn’t been easy, there have been many times when I questioned if I could do it but I have chosen with every step to reap the rewards of consciousness.  My being has expanded, my capacity to receive has flourished and the question that began it all has shown up in a way I could never have expected.  Through one thousand missteps I have become different and greater in ways I never imagined I could.

How does it get better than this?


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