The Art of Receiving

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2022

My step-daughter Aria is 13, and she loves being with her friends and being involved in school activities. 

Earlier this year, she joined her school play, and I decided to join with her and help the (amazing) drama teacher, who was also directing the play.

I started going to every practice and having the chance to get to know these super cool kids. 

My daughter and these kids reminded me, in a whole different way, what gifting and receiving is all about. 

They run around screaming their heads off, they are all so different than each other and so “them.” Their walls and barriers haven’t been built up yet and being around each of them is a pure joy. 

There is one little boy whose eyes light up every time he sees me, and mine light up every time I see him. He is just totally him, all the time. And he helps me remember what it’s like when somebody receives who I am without judging me at all. 

My life is actually filled with people who are fun and conscious, and are not trying to get me to stop being who I am. A long time ago I asked the universe to fill my life with the most kind, happy, fun, conscious beings on the planet. With people who really receive who I am without judgment. And that is what has shown up and continues to show up. 

What is receiving someone’s being? 

It’s a space where there is no separation between you and somebody else. Where they aren’t measuring you based on any criterion. 

It’s one of the greatest things that available in life! 

These sweet kids are helping me remember what it is like to gift and receive freely with other beings. Their walls aren’t fully formed and so they don’t have the same level of judgment as adults. 

I also realized, through this experience how valuable the tools of Access are, rather than just talking and giving instructions. Right Voice for You and Being You- these specialties are taking on a whole new meaning in this setting. 

I encourage you to add something new and different to your life that isn’t linear, but that is really fun for you. 

My husband, Anthony was talking to Gary Douglas (the founder of Access Consciousness) this morning, and asking him about life now that the kids are growing up. Anthony, in many ways acted as both a Mom and a Dad after his wife passed away. And Gary said, “Dude, you have to look at what is fun for you. What do you really like to do. You’re always trying to be useful and look at what you have to do, rather than doing what you really love. Now is the time to learn.” And Anthony answered, “Nature. I love to be in nature.” Gary said, “So take an hour every single day and go hike in nature. And take full day every week to go be out in nature. To learn to be with you.” 

And I think that that simple facilitation is the very core of the purpose of life: to have fun! So go have fun! If you could have anything what would you be having? If you pick the random things that are purely about fun you may just learn to receive more!


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