My Top 3 Business Tools

Uncategorized May 21, 2024

I grew up with business. My mom always had a business, my dad always had a business. My point of view was that everybody has a business. I didn’t think it was hard or intimidating, just natural. So, at 20 I started my Access Consciousness business and that business and I have been co-creating, growing together ever since.  

I started by hauling my massage tables down the stairs of my college apartment, out to the snowy parking lot and driving to random small town venues in all shapes and sizes. I facilitated these amazing classes that changed my life, impacted the participants deeply and contributed to consciousness and I knew I would be doing this work for the rest of my life.  

“Interesting that it doesn't seem to be because it is money, but rather the playing with the energy, the way a small child builds a sand castle, not to complete anything but just for the sheer joy of generating something from nothing and standing back with pride at the accomplishment of it all.”

Gary Douglas

The Place

I’m standing here, 12 years later, proud of what I have accomplished and of who I have become through the joy of generating. I want to share with you my top 3 business tips.  

From the start I approached business with a tenacity, a sweet pure naivety that allowed me to try anything, and an open vulnerability. Along the way I have added some tools to support those energies that I still honor.

Clarity: I am clear with myself what I am doing business for and what I want to create in the world. My target is a world where people have a sense of themselves and where every single being feels included. When I am true to that, I know that I am inviting people to more and more consciousness and I can relax and allow the universe to have my back. And from there, things grow.  

If you are looking for more clarity, ask this every day for 60 days: What energy, space, consciousness and choice can I be, to have total clarity and ease with my business for all eternity?

Organization: Organize your business and your business finances. I journeyed from a jumble of receipts strewn on my mom’s kitchen table to a global business with an accounting system that supports growth while leaving room for chaos. It allows me to pay my taxes with ease, to know what I require to live my life and to boldly choose things that expand it all towards greater. It’s a source of geeky joy! It can be intimidating, but find a notebook, or get quickbooks, and start keeping things in order. It creates a wonderful sense of calm when you do. 

Uncreate It: Every single day, before your feet hit the ground, destroy and uncreate all of the structures you are using to keep your business small. Destroy and uncreate the past, destroy and uncreate everything your business was up until now. You are an incredibly creative being and when you lock things in place energetically, you limit how your unique innovative way of doing business can show up. Allow the unbridled chaos to come through, allow consciousness to thrive.  

What have you decided business is, that it is not? If you didn’t function from the lies and the difficulties, what could be possible for you with business? 

Consciousness is a big picture game. Please give yourself and your business the gift of space and the gift of long term kindness. My business, this sand castle I have built, has shaped me, facilitated me and so many others. It has asked a lot of me through this journey of creation and I am so grateful that I have it, and it has me. We take care of each other through thick and thin. What are you capable of creating that you have never even considered? 


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