True Kindness

life hacks relationships Aug 06, 2018

Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness, used to channel different beings early on in his consciousness career. One particular excerpt from these channelings is a true inspiration to a different way of being:

"Gratitude is where you sit when you are in oneness because in gratitude is the place in which you know with certainty that you are one with all and all are one with you.

You are grateful for it, not out of some kind of structure, or form, or desire, or need, but you are in gratitude for it because you are humbled by the reality of knowing everything, knowing the oneness, and feeling the intensity of a heart that is open, vulnerable and totally available to be all that is."

If you read these paragraphs four or five times, they begin to change the molecules in your body and being.

Essentially, gratitude allows us to perceive the oneness that we are. Oneness is the knowing of everything in the universe and the awe we have when we become aware of all that is. The joy you have when you realize that we are not separate from anyone or anything.

As a being you have access to this level of awareness but you have likely shut it down, because that’s what we were trained to do.

We can gain it back with the willingness to be different, to be judged, and not to have points of view about us, or the world around us.

If we can look at the world, and see the sameness in others, we are one step closer. If we are willing to honor ourselves enough to have bigger lives, the boundaries between us, and the world we have always wanted, begin to disappear.

What if you didn’t have a definition of what countries were far away? What if you didn’t have a definition that people who speak different languages were difficult to communicate with? What if you ran your business in a way that included the whole world as your staff and your customers?

My step-son is 15 years old and during a trip to Germany this summer he became friends with a young German boy who didn’t speak English. Conversely my step-son doesn’t speak German. The two played football for hours and got to know each other very well without words.

Where are the limits of your world? What if they no longer had to exist?

What if you were a global citizen who could live your life from a totally different space?

A global citizen is one who includes the whole world in their choices. They don’t look at the conventional idea that unless you have a reason to move to a new place, it is not something you do. They see the world as their playground, and know that it is possible to become engage those close, and far away.

To choose this we must be open, vulnerable and ready to explore with courage.

What if you were the global citizen who made the world a greater place?


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