What are Energy Pulls? And how they can change your life?

energy life hacks Aug 06, 2017

Energy Pulls are without a doubt the most powerful tool you can use in overcoming obstacles and bringing toward you the life you desire.

We were never taught how to create a life that works for us.

After an expensive degree and years of modalities, I have come full-circle to realize that the language of energy is the doorway to all things.

The language of energy is what you need to understand in order to create the life you desire. When you meet someone you immediately perceive his or her energy. The energy you perceive with them creates more of an impression than the initial conversations you engage in.

I have set out on a journey to master this language and  share it with those who may be ready to have the ease of a life that follows.

If you are looking for a beginning step in learning, I recommend beginning with the energy pulls.

This is an education in how to talk to the molecules of the universe to bring to you what you are asking for.

For me, pulling energy has delivered everything it promised me at the beginning. Almost all of my dreams came true within a short period of time.

I found the love of my life, got married, started my own business where I travel and create money on my own terms, my desire to change the world is fulfilled daily, and to be with people’s world and give them the tools to create the future they desire. I have three highly spirited step-kids who enrich every day of my life. I have used the tools to make over $300,000 per year.

So you may be asking, “What are energy Pulls?”

Energy pulls are an exercise similar to guided meditations. They teach you to work with the universe and learn how to move energy through the universe in different ways to rearrange the molecules to bring you what you desire.

Sounds complex, right? It’s not. This is something you can quickly do on your own, or you can follow a recording of someone.  Here is the written version of an energy pulls I did with one of my Energy Pulls groups.

Picture the space that is just outside of your skin. Get the energy of that, like where the little hairs on your arms are. Now expand that space to the size of the room that you’re in. The top four corners and the bottom four corners. And expand it out over the whole of the building you’re in. Whether it’s a little shack or a big sky scraper. Now expand out over the city block today. And now expand your energy out into the oceans, beyond your country, beyond your continent, over the entire world. Expand your energy.

Now, go beyond the outer atmosphere. Go beyond the solar system, beyond each planet, beyond our galaxy. Now expand your energy out into the farthest reaches of the universe, as far as you can possibly go. And when you come to an end of where you’re willing to expand, go beyond it. Allow the energy of the other people in this group pulling and expanding to contribute to your expansion.

We all have barriers to unkindness that stop us from receiving that contribution, but what if you could receive all of it, from everyone in this group? All of the kindness, all of the difficulty, all of the judgment, all of the joy? Receive the contribution.

Now expand out even further to the places and spaces you have not previously fathomed. Now, in front of you, get the energy of the future you have always known was possible. How much would you like to travel in a month? How much money would you like to create and have? Who would you like to surround you every day? What kind of energies do you truly desire? And any energies you bought, that you do desire that actually belong to somebody else, you can return those to sender now.

Now, put the energies that are truly orgasmic to you, the truly generative energies, spaces, places and futures, put them in front of you, put them in front of your solar plexus, let them life as a living creature and a possibility in front of your body.

Now, begin to pull energy. Pull energy, Pull energy through the whole universe, through the creature in front of you, the possibility and the being. The life that you’d like to have. Pull it through that and then through every pore of your body and out the back of you. Pull through the whole universe, through the energy, through the future energy, we’ll just call it the ball.  Pull it through the ball, through your body and let it go out the back of you. And keep pulling. Keep pulling just like a big river of light. And pull harder, not with more force, but with more demand and distinction.

Now let little trickles go out to all of the people who can help and assist you in contributing and creating your phenomenal life, to what is possible for you to create. Now let those trickles go out to thousands of people… to thousands of people for today so that when they meet you they’ll already recognize your energy signature and be willing to contribute to you. So flow it out, flow it out, flow it out.

Now, begin to pull again. Pull through the whole universe, through the ball and through you. And pull until you feel vulnerable, pull until your body is vulnerable, until it’s receiving. Let your genitals be vulnerable, your chest, your breasts, your stomach, your shoulders, your knees, pull and receive. Receive everything the universe soooo greatly desires to contribute to you every day.

You are now asking – universe, I’m finally willing to receive all of it. Pull through the whole universe, through the ball and through you out the back of you. Alright, so what energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be to create a reality totally beyond this reality with total ease?

Ok, go forth and create your life and if things get wonky just keep pulling! Stop whatever you’re doing and pull, you always have pulling at your disposal now and pulling is what allows you to become oneness, because you’re receiving and asking for the contribution of everything when you pull. You can only have a problem or a difficulty when you’re not receiving the contribution that’s available to you.

You’re infinite! Not finite! Have a fantastic day!


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