What are the Spaces of Consciousness?

energy Mar 22, 2019

There are worlds and powers we have available to us that we do our best to ignore in our every day lives. We are capable of realities far beyond this one while still living on planet earth. The doorway to these worlds, for me, has been the tools of Access Consciousness.

Sometimes, using the tools seems more difficult than stopping a thousand boulders rolling down a hill. Sometimes using the tools is so easy that you can't believe they actually work. But they do, the tools always work. You just have to use them for the limitations that come up and the world becomes your playground.

What did you dream of as a child when you stirred in bed, falling asleep? What realities and magic danced in your head that were there and deep and real, but in the morning became an illusive dream again? Those were and still are the starting points of your reality.

We don't want to know what is available to us, because if we fully claimed it, it would dwarf the morals, relationships and institutions we have already dedicated so much to.

And if you are not ready, don't despair. The choice for these worlds is getting easier as consciousness becomes more widespread. You are not alone in this anymore. Reach out to all the people around the world who are asking for a greater world, a greater life and let their energy contribute to you.

You are great. You are powerful. You are vital to this whether you want to know it or not. It is a different reality, a different set of choices, and a different future. What do you know that no one else knows?


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