What does it mean to receive from Entities?

talk to the entities Sep 15, 2018

Entities are all around us. We think their thoughts, we harbour their emotions, we heal them without even realizing it. They are apart of our every day lives and the natural biology of our planet. They are so natural to us in fact, that when we ignore them it can hurt every area of our lives. And the greater your capacity to work with them, the more difficult your life becomes when you ignore them.

On the contrary, when you choose to communicate with the spirit world, receive from them and clear them, your life can become a glimmering possibility, a beacon of lightness, a living dream. They are so closely intertwined with our lives that the sparkling gifts they will pay you with when you begin to receive from them are hard to even imagine. 

The universe desires to support you. Most people were entrained from an early age to dismiss and reject this support. If you choose to embrace it and learn to receive you make things a lot easier on the spirit world.

What do you know? Who lives around you? And what have they been dying to let you know?


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