Who Minds Your Money

finances Jul 08, 2018

Article by Julia Sotas for Femail Australia Newsource

Femail Australia: How do we know who should take on this role, in a relationship?

Julia: In a relationship we each have our own strengths. If you are a great cook, that is an asset to the relationship. If you love to organise vacations, that is an asset to the relationship. Usually it is one spouse that gravitates more to handling money. When this person steps into this role, it is an asset to the relationship.

A relationship is full of projections and expectations, and often times we think that because we marry someone that they should start to think like us, or have the same values as us.

This usually leads to frustration because even though you are in love, you are still you, and your partner is still them.

A great way to get beyond unrealistic expectations is to create a "Deal and Deliver".

This is a conversation where you sit down with your spouse...

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