What are the Spaces of Consciousness?

access consciousness Mar 22, 2019


There are worlds and powers we have available to us that we do our best to ignore in our every day lives. We are capable of realities far beyond this one while still living on planet earth. The doorway to these worlds, for me, has been the tools of Access Consciousness. Sometimes, using the tools seems more difficult than stopping a thousand boulders rolling down a hill. Sometimes using the tools is so easy that you can't believe they actually work. But they do, the tools always work. You just have to use them for the limitations that come up and the world becomes your playground.


What did you dream of as a child when you stirred in bed, falling asleep? What realities and magic danced in your head that were there and deep and real, but in the morning became an illusive dream again? Those were and still are the starting points of your reality. We don't want to know what is available to us, because if we fully claimed it, it would dwarf the morals, relationships and...

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What Would You Really Like To Get Out Of Your Career?

Money is only one part of what a career can offer you. For me, it was always about finding a lifestyle that provided me the freedom to make my own schedule, travel and create positive change in the world; a lifestyle that didn’t look like anything I currently knew, something that had to be personally sculpted by putting actions behind my daydreams.

I grew up on a farm in rural Canada, near Birtle, Manitoba, a town with a population of 700. I come from an incredible community filled with warm-hearted people but building a worldwide business in conscious living wasn’t really the main booth at our career fair. I knew I had to create my own path. It was just a matter of trusting myself enough to bring it all to life.

For the past seven years, I have paved my way in the world as a facilitator for Access Consciousness. I facilitate classes around the world and am lucky enough to travel every month.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes wondering where the...

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How Much Money Have You Decided is Enough?

There is a new wave of people looking at life only from what they can create, and never from what the current norm is.

 In the normal world, people get a job, go to work, and have a predictable reality about how much money is going to be waiting for them at the end of a two week period.

 What if, instead, you had an unpredictable reality with money? It is definitely not for the weak at heart but if you are willing to leap, you will create more than you realized you could.

 One of things that stops us from having an unpredictable reality with money, is where we have decided and predicted how much money is enough to make on a monthly basis. Once we make it, we are complete, and we never have a question in our mind about creating more.

 For example, last year I realized that as soon as I created $10,000 per month, I was complete in my creation, and though I had an interest in creating beyond that, the place in my world in which I had decided that was enough, was...

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