The Truth That Is Needless

Does an infinite being ever have needs? What if you walked through the world as the needless being you truly be? Join Julia as she explores this freeing topic!

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Exploring the Possibilities of Your Body, Receiving and Sex

What is actually possible with our bodies, sex, and receiving? With Emily Russell

Free Zoom from 05/2019

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From Wishful Thinking To Creation and Change

What if you are one of the most creative people on planet earth who just hasn't acknowledged or chosen it yet?

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Judgement Process

Get Free with Judgement Process!

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5 Things Gary Douglas taught me about Business

Aug 24, 2020

The Creation of a Marriage

Mar 30, 2020


Mar 28, 2020

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My podcast is a weekly broadcast for me to share new tools and stories and contribute to you in any way I can. I have guests on and sometimes it is just me!

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