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The Lies Of Bodies

17:30-9:30, 30 בנובמבר השקרים של הגוף: איך ליצור התגלמות על פני האדמהבמציאות הזו, הגוף נחשב בעיה, במקום אפשרות....

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Right Riches For You Intro - Israel

19:00, 29 בנובמבר In this class we will touch on the tools that will allow you to get out of your own way and c...

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Clearing Agendas

Recently agendas have been a hot topic in Access Consciousness.What are agendas?Where do you find them?How do you kno...

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Access Consciousness The Foundation| Bluffton, SC

January 5th-8th, 9am-5pm The Foundation class is designed to empower you to change anything and everything you&...

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The Deep Energy Pull Series For Creating Reality

The Deep Energy Pull Series for Creating Reality. You have a reality inside you, that the world needs you to get out...

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Как стать деньгами (How To Become Money Workbook)

Фасилитатор Юлия Сотас. Слышали ли вы когда нибудь о книге "Как стать деньгами?", написанной Гэри Дугласом, основате...

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The Daily Ask

When I first began Access, I had a little fairy notebook, and every day, I would write down the date and ask for 10 t...

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Advanced Money Workbook Telecall

Welcome to the Advanced Money Workbook with 7 Facilitators of Access Consciousness! What if money was a vehicle to c...

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Right Riches For You

Welcome to Creating Wealth: Having a Financial Reality on Your Terms!In this class you will discover the tools t...

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Marketing With Julia Sotas

What if it was not about marketing and promotion? What if it was about possibilities and choice? Most people try to s...

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Salon Des Femmes

The Salon des Femmes, has really changed my life. You will often hear me say "I wouldn't have been able to create my ...

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Private Sessions With Julia

Experience a one hour 1 on 1 private phone or Skype session with Julia    

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