From Wishful Thinking To Creation & Change

Are you a dreamer? A wishful thinker?

What if you are one of the most creative people on planet earth who just hasn't acknowledged or chosen it yet?

One day I realized that if I lived the rest of my life mediocre, no one would really notice. I realized I had to step up and use the tools of Access Consciousness to create the live I came here to live.

It is much more comfortable being a dreamer than someone who lives their dreams. 

Julia Sotas will be interviewed by Paula Humphreys for an in depth conversation about going from dreamer to creator. 

This Free Zoomcall will be 45 minutes long and you will receive the audio recording to listen (again) later.

We will be live on May 8 at 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CEST
You can check your local date and time here


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