The Creation of a Marriage

relationships Mar 30, 2020
Relationship is something that is supposed to be really lovely and work really nicely if you have the right person. In reality, relationship is something that doesn't actually work well at all, if you don't commit to creating it every day.

So what is the creation of relationship?
I am lucky enough to say I have an incredible relationship with my husband. He loves me totally, takes great care of me, and always honors me and has my back. I do the same for him, and even though we have disagreements now and then, we really have an amazing commitment to eachother and  commitment to the creation of our relationship. 
Knowing that the other person is in our lives makes every other area of our lives better.
He and I will both tell you that this would have never been possible without the tools of Access Consciousness. But the workability that we have today stems from using the tools of Access and constantly asking questions and recalibrating our choices.
As kids, we have been taught that when you find the right person that all the chips just fall into place and you are going to be a great team through thick and thin.
I married my husband five years ago, and I thought everything would work out fine because I loved him so much. It didn't exactly work out that way. We had to create our relationship every day, and sometimes he and I both wanted to run away.
The only way you can have a place where you are supported and cared for by your partner is to first learn to support and care for them.
From my experience, this is easier said than done, because the commitment that underlies that, is the willingness to know you have something truly valuable to contribute to your partner (your being) and the willingness to have an easy, happy life, rather than a life of pain and suffering. We have been so dynamically gaslit, and are not used to ease and a drama free life, that a great relationship is usually not the first choice.
But to honor your mate is to treat them with regard. It is to always lift them up, whether you think the other is right or wrong. For us ladies, it is to give up ones feminist points of view in favor of looking at the value of both sexes. 

What is the relationship you truly desire that you have not yet created but are now capable of? 

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