The Magic of Entity Awareness

entities Dec 18, 2018

What is your favourite TTTE tool?

My favourite tool is working with entities during Entity Office Hours. This is a time of the day or week that you set aside to communicate with, clear, or receive from entities. Recently I have been doing office hours every day, sometimes, twice a day. The more you do Office Hours, the more you contribute to entities, and the better your life gets!  

 What is your greatest TTTE success story?

When I was 13, my Grandfather took his life.

He was a brilliant man, very innovative and driven, a fantastic real estate broker, who became very successful selling farms in Canada. But he had a really broken and abused side as well. His parents were highly mentally and physically abusive to him. As an adult, he was an alcoholic, and was abusive to his family. He didn’t have the tools to deal with the level of awareness he had, so he nursed it away by drinking.

One night, during Talk to the Entities Facilitator Training in Paris, I...

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Are Projections and Expectations Stopping You From Creating Money?

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2018
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What does it mean to receive from Entities?

entities Sep 16, 2018

Entities are all around us. We think their thoughts, we harbour their emotions, we heal them without even realizing it. They are apart of our every day lives and the natural biology of our planet. They are so natural to us in fact, that when we ignore them it can hurt every area of our lives. And the greater your capacity to work with them, the more difficult your life becomes when you ignore them.


On the contrary, when you choose to communicate with the spirit world, receive from them and clear them, your life can become a glimmering possibility, a beacon of lightness, a living dream. They are so closely intertwined with our lives that the sparkling gifts they will pay you with when you begin to receive from them are hard to even imagine. 


The universe desires to support you. Most people were entrained from an early age to dismiss and reject this support. If you choose to embrace it and learn to receive you make things a lot easier on the spirit world.



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True Kindness

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2018

Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness, used to channel different beings early on in his consciousness career. One particular excerpt from these channelings is a true inspiration to a different way of being:

"Gratitude is where you sit when you are in oneness because in gratitude is the place in which you know with certainty that you are one with all and all are one with you.

You are grateful for it, not out of some kind of structure, or form, or desire, or need, but you are in gratitude for it because you are humbled by the reality of knowing everything, knowing the oneness, and feeling the intensity of a heart that is open, vulnerable and totally available to be all that is."

If you read these paragraphs four or five times, they begin to change the molecules in your body and being.

Essentially, gratitude allows us to perceive the oneness that we are. Oneness is the knowing of everything in the universe and the awe we have when we become aware of all that is. The joy you...

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Who Minds Your Money- Femail Australia Newsource

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2018

This is an article by Julia from Femail Australia Newsource

Femail Australia: How do we know who should take on this role, in a relationship?

Julia: In a relationship we each have our own strengths. If you are a great cook, that is an asset to the relationship. If you love to organise vacations, that is an asset to the relationship. Usually it is one spouse that gravitates more to handling money. When this person steps into this role, it is an asset to the relationship.

A relationship is full of projections and expectations, and often times we think that because we marry someone that they should start to think like us, or have the same values as us.

This usually leads to frustration because even though you are in love, you are still you, and your partner is still them.

A great way to get beyond unrealistic expectations is to create a "Deal and Deliver".

This is a conversation where you sit down with your spouse...


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New Developments on how to run the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement

Uncategorized May 12, 2018
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What Lives All Around You?

magic May 12, 2018

Good Morning from a cozy Saturday morning in my kitchen,

 In the Advanced Money Workbook Gary writes:
"The universe has your back when you ask it to send you what you need.

You ask for everything, except the consciousness, which knows more than you do in every respect, to actually deliver.

What would happen if you were willing to have the consciousness deliver?"

Recently, I have been looking more closely at what lives all around me, at what I am naturally a part of. Most of the time, I interact closely with it, ask it to fill me up with the brilliance of me, and the warmth of the consciousness that it is. 

Unfortunately, sometimes I also forget the energy I am and choose the bleakness of this reality, and the insane thoughts racing through the minds of those around me.

Cutting off from what we are naturally a part of is a really painful sever to live with.

There are worlds, universes, depths of the earth, futures, entities and earth spirits that are waiting for us.


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What Would You Really Like To Get Out Of Your Career?

Money is only one part of what a career can offer you. For me, it was always about finding a lifestyle that provided me the freedom to make my own schedule, travel and create positive change in the world; a lifestyle that didn’t look like anything I currently knew, something that had to be personally sculpted by putting actions behind my daydreams.

I grew up on a farm in rural Canada, near Birtle, Manitoba, a town with a population of 700. I come from an incredible community filled with warm-hearted people but building a worldwide business in conscious living wasn’t really the main booth at our career fair. I knew I had to create my own path. It was just a matter of trusting myself enough to bring it all to life.

For the past seven years, I have paved my way in the world as a facilitator for Access Consciousness. I facilitate classes around the world and am lucky enough to travel every month.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes wondering where the...

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How I Built A Six-Figure Business By 25

finance income money travel Mar 15, 2018

I am a farm-grown Canadian girl from the prairies of Manitoba, living on the coast of South Carolina. A few years ago, I married a beautiful man I met during a retreat in Costa Rica, and became a step-mother to his three children after the death of his wife, six years ago. I also built my own business from the ground up, starting at 19 years old, never looking back.

I am a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, which means I travel the world giving seminars, as well as facilitating online classes, speaking on the subject of conscious living. I have always been interested in conscious living and this career matched who I am as a person. I am 25 years old and I have a full-plate. But I love it that way!

I have built my business to gross over $300,000 per year, each year earning more than the last. I travel the world with my husband, who is in the same line of work, and we try to bring the kids along on the trips, as often as we can. Only a few short years ago I had almost no...

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The money mistakes we all need to stop making.

Eliminating some of our most common money mistakes can be a truly liberating process. It can leave us with a sense of possibility and clarity we don’t often get in our financial lives.

Most of us were not given a formal financial education and this can leave many of us in the dark in certain areas of our finances. And without expertise in finances, mistakes are bound to happen. What’s important are the changes we make once we’ve identified common money mistakes, before they become dire and costly.

So, what are the main money mistakes you are making?

Not knowing how much you are spending
What is your current financial state? The reason people create debt is because they have no knowledge of how much they are actually spending each month. You need to be very clear on exactly how much you are making each month, and exactly how much you are spending.

I use the Quickbooks app on my phone, which automatically connects to my bank accounts and credit cards. You can also use...

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